All Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) engaged in an intrastate commerce within the state-lines of Georgia, equal to or greater in weight than 10,001 pounds, with operation status as For-Hire, which operate within state lines of Georgia are required to register and their vehicle(s) and participate with (GIMC) Georgia Intrastate Motor Carrier Registration Program. This also includes motor carriers which operate as HazMat, regardless of weight. Excluded from the mandate are the following entities: covered farm vehicles that are not for-hire and non-hazmat, interstate carriers (if paid UCR), school bus operations, Federal/State government, occassional transport of personal property (not for compensation), emergency/fire truck/rescue vehicles, transportation of corpses or sick and injured people in emergency situations, voluneer charitable organizations and private motor carrier of passengers (non-business).

It is always advisable to use a professional federal application processor and compliance agent to register in order to avoid any mistakes, and delays in processing To file through an agent, click here.

NOTE: Interstate carriers must register and pay UCR annually. You may file the UCR by visiting

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